As a proclamation, an anonymous pious soul circulated a list of the characteristics of a humble man. “Whoever reads it in the spirit of a good student, his soul will take delight, he will be content and he will pray”.


A humble man:

 Is cheerful – he is not glum
 Is simple – he is not suspect
 Is easy – he does not cause difficulties
 Is soft-spoken – he does not hurt anyone
 Is peace-loving – he does not cause clashes
 Is helpful –nothing is too difficult
 Is lenient – he does not condemn others
 Is grateful – he does not forget his benefactors
 Is approachable – he does not forge distances
 Is contented – he never complains
 Is even-tempered – he does not become agitated
 Is affable – he disdains no-one
 Is grounded – he is not a day-dreamer
 Is prudent – he is not rash
 Is obedient – he does not contradict
 Is patient – he is not anxious
 Is composed – he is not led astray
 Is useful – he does not cross his arms

He has been Graced with all the above and that is why he is Loved by all his fellow human beings and Pleasing to God.

NB: Therefore, this chart tells us that humility is not a weakness of humanity, but an adornment and a distinction.

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