I said to the 80-year old Elder Ascetic…

“Tell me, my fathers, why on this earth, night and day are inseparable?

Why do the thorn and flower, laughter and tears grow together as twins?

Why do scorpions, vipers and cold poisons nest in the most beautiful greenery of the forest?

Why, before the delicate bud can emerge and open its beauty to the light, does a black worm come and stab it an leave it as a lifeless rag in its crib?

Finally, why does confusion and disorder push its way into the harmony of the world?...”

Lifting his right hand to heaven and with his deep voice, the ascetic replied:

“Behind those golden clouds, the Most Blessed One is busy creating a priceless piece of embroidery.

And as we walk down here on earth, we see the rear view of it, my child.

And it is obvious then that we will see errors at a time when we should be giving thanks and praise.

As a Christian, wait for the day when your winged soul will fly through the sky

And you will see God’s masterpiece from its proper view and then…you will see that all is methodical and ordered”.

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