Once, when I came to Elder Porphyrios, I saw several girls there who also wanted to see the elder. They were dressed a little immodestly. Father Porphyrios talked with them, touching on various spiritual issues, but he did not say a word about how they were dressed. I confess that I was internally outraged by the behavior of these girls. How could they come to a saintly person like this? I was also embarrassed by the fact that the Elder did not make a single comment to them about their clothes.
When the girls left, he smiled at me and said: "Sir Ν., I am not as strict as you." Immediately, I realized that he knows about my thoughts and my embarrassment, but I still asked:
“Why do you say that, Geronda?”
"I did not say anything because I have another tactic. Even if I had noticed them that their clothes were somewhat immodest, they would not have listened to my words, because their faith in Christ is not deep. First of all, I try to strengthen their faith in Christ, and then they themselves will realize their mistake and will correct."