Saint Gregory Palamas

The Holy Family of the palms
This short film is a beautiful presentation of the life of the Holy Family of the palms, and especially St. Gregory Palamas, hand carrier of the monastic tonsure in the name of the saint, Archimandrite. Palama Kyrillidi, Abbot of the Monastery of the Virgin Kallipetras Skiteos Veria. It's version of the Diocese of Veria, Naoussa and Campania.
Warmly thank the Rev. Former long time to permit publication of the evaluation work.
Holy Mary Kallipetras
PO 4 Back Veria

The texts were based on the book "SAINT GREGORY PALAMAS" the life and theology "
the elder Theoklitos Dionysiates.
Alexander gave Trompoukis
The Sound worked Akis Spanidis
The show was curated by
Archim.Palamas Kyrillidis

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