The real need

They say that one morning, when Diogenes was still drowsy in front of a door where he had spent the night, a wealthy landowner passed over there.
- Good morning, said the lord.
- Good morning, said Diogenes.
- This was a profitable week and I came here to give you this purse with money. Diogenes looked at him in silence and remained seated.
-Take them, it isn’t a trap. They are mine and I am giving them to you. I know that you need them more than me.
- Do you have more? asked Diogenes.
- Of course I have, answered the rich man. I have much more.
- And won’t you like to have more than you have?
- Yes, of course I would.
- Then take the money. For you need them more than me.

An excerpt from the book of Jorje Bukay "Déjame que te cuente" ("Let me tell you”)

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