• From the time he is very young do not deny him anything. Give him whatever he wants, especially when he becomes stubborn and cries. In this way he will grow up believing that others owe him everything and that his rights are paramount.

• When he begins to swear, you should laugh. In this way you will show him that he is very clever!

• Never tell him that “That is naughty”! This is the old way of thinking. When he faces difficulties later in life and when something bad happens to him, he can rightly believe that society is treating him unfairly.

• You should always pick up after him – books, clothes, shoes… Never say to him: “Pick them up. Put them where they belong”! In this way he can believe that his mother is his slave and that everyone else is always responsible for everything.

• Let him see everything (especially on television) and let him read everything without ever guiding him. Your child is sharp and knows how to distinguish between things! In this way his education will be broadened!

• Never teach him anything spiritual. In front of him, mock faith, the Church, the priests and all who follow them. When the child grows up “He will choose for himself”.

• Give him lots of pocket money so that he never feels beneath others and so that “he never lacks what you lacked”. When he grows up, he will be certain that money will give value to people no matter how they came by it.

• Never say to him “Do this” or “Don’t do that” because in this way you suppress him, you do not respect his freedom and his character. You could also cause him…psychological damage! When he grows up he will believe that he can give orders in life but never obey them himself.

• Fight, swear, insult one another in front of him, shamelessly. (Don’t worry, no psychological trauma will come from this!). Later on, when he marries, it will seem natural to him to do the same.

• When he begins to become involved with eroticism and sexuality, you must close your eyes. Do not say anything, do not guide him, do not advise him. Let him do whatever he needs to do because “it is natural”!

• Always side with him in the presence of his teachers and neighbours. Never believe that “your little angel” can do anything wrong or mischievous. Swear at those who in a friendly and well-meaning manner mention anything to you. They are slanderers and are jealous.

* * * * * * * * *

• When you go to the police station, where he will have been taken because of theft, or drugs, shout out loud in front of everyone that he is a wicked child, a hooligan, that you sacrificed everything for him but could not control him. In this way, you will come out on top.

• Prepare yourselves for a life of pain and guilt. You will have it.

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