Lord, make us better parents.

Teach us how to understand our children.

To listen patiently to whatever they have to tell us and to answer them politely when they ask questions.

Guard us from the danger of acting curtly.

Help us not to hurt their feelings, not to harm their sense of dignity, not to punish them at times of anger and temper.

Enlighten us that we may admonish them calmly and serenely and at all times inspire them through our example.

Make us overlook the small and insignificant errors of our children and help us to see their talents and the good things they do.

Give us the right words for rightful praise.

Help us to support them, to behave towards them according to their age and not to make excessive demands of them.

Help us to assist them the realization of all their good aspirations. Make us good and fair, wise and companionable.

Make us to be loving and to give a true Christian example.

Finally, help us through our lives and all our expressions to show them the road that leads to YOU. Amen.

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