O Lord and God

O Lord and God of all the world,
We praise, adore and worship Thee.
Thank you for coming to the world,
To save us from our sins.

We fear we are not good enough,
To live with Thee in heav'n above.
Please help us to see our own sins,
We pray, have mercy on us.

0 Lord and Master of my Life,
Teach me to know wrong from right;
That I might see my own faults,
1 pray, have mercy on me.

O God of love and forgiveness,
Of mercy and compassion,
Weak as I am, I want to be,
A loving servant of Thine.

Dear Father, Son and Comforter,
Please help us live our lives
According to Thy commandments,
We pray, have mercy on us.

By Marthas Avierinos

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