A man who was weary, exhausted by the heavy Cross (trials) which he bore, said to the Lord:

“Lord, have mercy on me. Take this heavy Cross which I cannot bear, from me”

The Lord took pity on me. He took him to a large hall full of Crosses. Small one, medium ones, large ones. He said to him: “Leave your Cross hear and choose whichever one you want”.

Overjoyed, he started searching. Some Crosses were very light, others were impossible to lift. After searching for a long time, he found a Cr4oss which he could bear and lift easily. So he said to Christ: “Lord, I have found a Cross which is my size” and then Christ answered him, saying: “Go well, my child. But know this – the Cross which you found was the one which you left when you entered the hall”.

This tells us simply: Obedience to the will of God. Let us patiently accept our Cross, which sometimes brings us to our knees because it is so heavy. The Lord knows how much we can endure and He will not leave us.

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