The Miracle of the Sacred Fire, Church of the Holy Sepulchre at Jerusalem

he Church of the Holy Sepulchre was built over both the sites of Christ's Crucifixion, Golgotha, and His Tomb, the Holy Sepulchre. Annually in the Orthodox Church, on the Day of Great and Holy Saturday(Julian Calendar-the day before Paschal Sunday), the Miracle of the Holy Fire takes place.

The Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem enters the Holy Sepulchre where an unlit lamp is placed. Alone, with doors shut, the lamp ignites spontaneously, and when he emerges, he emerges with two large bundles of candles lit from that lamp. Then the Holy Fire is passed on to the people inside the Church.

This Fire is different. One thing about it is that it does not burn. These video clips demonstrate that. Pilgrims are seen passing their hands, faces, hair, etc., through the flames without any trouble.

**The Serbian Orthodox chant is the Irmos 'The Angel Cried' from the Canon of Pascha, done in English.

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