The Venerable Belt of the Mother of God

This ribbon has been blessed through contact with the Holy Belt of the Most Holy Theotokos, which is kept at the Monastery of Vatopaidi. The Holy Belt was a gift to the Monastery from the Byzantine emperor John Cantecuzenus. Through these ribbons and by the grace of the Most Holy Mother of God - to Whom our Monastery is dedicated - many miraculous events have occurred. Persons suffering from cancer and other illnesses have been restored to health. More particularly however, sterile persons, as well as others unsuccessful in bearing children, have been able to conceive and bear healthy children. The patient is girded with a ribbon for a period of time, living in repentance, having made Confession, praying, and receiving the Holy Eucharist regularly. The husband and wife should follow an identical way of life, with fasting and with abstinence from marital relations, according to their ability, during the entire time they are wearing the holy ribbon. A faithful spiritual life with continual repentance and partaking in the Holy Mysteries of the Orthodox Church must be a lifelong practice, as this constitutes the only way of communion and ultimately union with God in this present world and in the age to come. Holy Great Monastery of Vatopaidi 630 86 Karyes, Holy Mountain (Athos) Greece

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