1. The soul is a profound being and only God understands it.
2. Why do we chase after shadows? We should turn on the Light and the shadows will dissipate of their own accord.  We should allow Christ to fill our souls and the demons will leave on their own.
3. A person may speak about his sins and then brag about them while another person will speak of his sins and will be humbled by them. 
4. A lazy person cannot become a Christian.  It requires a great deal of work, a lot of work.
5. If you desire, you can become a saint in Omonia Square.  (This is in reference to the years that the Elder Porphyrios lived and ministered to the faithful in Omonia Square in downtown Athens, Greece.)
6. God loves us very much. He constantly has us in His thoughts and He protects us. We must believe this reality well and not be afraid of anything in life.
7. You must ask God to forgive your sins.  And God, from whom you ask this with pain and humbleness, will forgive your sins and He will heal your bodily ills.
8. Morbid grief and worry is not from God, it is a trap of the devil.
9. God concerns Himself with all the details of our lives.  We must understand that He is not indifferent to our needs.  We are not alone in this world. (I learned this spiritual truth in a revelation that I received in the altar of St. Sophia Church).
10. You should fill up your souls with the presence of Christ, with divine love, with joy.  The joy of Christ will heal you.
11. You should not be concerned whether or not people like you, but you should be concerned about loving Christ and all your fellow human beings.  Only in this way will your soul be filled with Jesus Christ.
12. The most important thing in our lives is to love Christ and then all our problems will be resolved.

Translated from the Greek by:
+Fr. Constantine J. Simones, August10, 2012.

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