Start discovering the real life!

I so envy the… (trouts?). They do not matter the crash of the water and swim against the current. I wonder, have we ever done anything similar in our lives? How many times did we decide to escape the comfort zone of this prosaism? Of this barren daily routine? How many times did we try to honestly talk to God? That’s what I envy; the real life. That’s what I desire; the real experience. To be real no matter how hard it is. No matter when the circumstances do not tolerate something different. And all of this, secretly… Difficult, but it is worth doing. To do whatever I can so that I could hold up on a raft in the sea of temptations. To love genuinely, unpretentiously, honestly. Unconditionally. Words with so much depth. It was about time to move from theory to practice. It was about time to show that with God as a guide, we can start discovering the real life. 

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