Just few words for friendship...

What is a real friend actually? A person who accompanies us in our walks? Maybe the people with whom we hang out for many hours? Or maybe the person who supports us in our difficulties? Is it possible to have many friends?

The priceless value of friendship is beyond any dispute. It is taken for granted. The man is created to have friends! Therefore, it is indispensable to have friends... But, what is a friend? I am sure you've heard that your true friends are revealed when you go through the difficult times. But I think that they are also revealed at your happy moments... 
A friend is the person who

 is nearby you, without expecting for any kind of compensation, who doesn't have any intention to profit from you. He is the one who cares about you unconditionally and without having your need. The people you just hang out with, are they actually your friends? Time will show if they really are. A friend is someone who accepts you exactly as you are without judging you or laughing at you behind your back.
When your company at school, at your work is laughing at you because you are fasting or because you confess your sins to a Father or when you feel awkward when you are with them, then you may have to redefine some things. Friendship is something durable in time. Something that is tested. Something that passes through the fire of the difficulties. It's something rare and difficult. But it's also something so special! But there is a big BUT. What is that? Friends are not only the others for you BUT you are also a friend for them! So, don't expect everything from the others. The God gave us a big rule: "Love the Lord your God...(and) your neighbor as yourself". Do you know what this means? You have to love with no limits, no prejudices, honestly. So, the secret of friendship is that you, first, have to love purely and honestly! To make the first step!

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