Prayer in Honor of Christ's Passion

I give you glory, O Christ, because you, the Only-begotten, the Lord of all, underwent the death of the Cross to free my sinful soul from the bonds of sin. What shall I give to you, O Lord, in return for all this kindness?
Glory to you, O Lord, for your love, for your mercy, for your patience....
Glory to you, for forgiving us all our sins, for coming to save our souls, for your incarnation in the Virgin's womb.
Glory to you, for your bonds, for receiving the cut of the lash, for accepting mockery.
Glory to you, for your crucifixion, for your burial, for your resurrection.
Glory to you, for your resurrection, for being preached to men, for being taken up heaven.
Glory to you who sit at the Father's right hand and will return in glory.
Glory to you for willing that the sinner be saved through your great mercy and compassion.

St Ephrem of Syria, Deacon, Poet and Doctor

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