50+ Photos from the Feast of Humbleness

Saint Evdokimos is an unknown saint found in the Vatopaidi’s ossuary in 1840, during some reconstruction works. He was found by the beautiful fragrance of his holy relics. He was found dead in a prayer position with an icon of Virgin Mary on his chest. Judging from his clothes, he was dead 100 – 150 years before. From then, the saint does many miracles to the ones who pray to him.
..but besides that, there is a very important aspect: he knew that he will die and he went away from the glory of the humans to be with God. Only with God. And God accepted him.
Nowadays, we do exactly the opposite: we go away from the true glory which came only from God and hunt the vain glory that comes from humans – soap bubbles which is several seconds disappear in the thin air.
Perhaps God urges us to bend our knees in front of the virtue of humbleness of this unknown saint and ask for his help, in order to show us that we are in the wrong way.
See the photos to convince for yourself.

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