Turkish war crimes in Cyprus

In this clip from Michalis Cacoyiannis film, Attila '74: rape of Cyprus, victims describe some of the atrocities committed during the Turkish invasion of Cyprus.

In fact, Turkey committed every possible war crime in Cyprus in 1974, including mass murder, mass rape, looting, ethnic cleansing and so on.

Regarding rape, a 1976 European Commission on Human Rights report found that: 'Turkish troops were responsible for wholesale and repeated rapes of women of all ages from 12 to 71, sometimes to such an extent that the victims suffered haemorrhages or became mental wrecks. In some areas, enforced prostitution was practiced, all women and girls of a village were collected and put into separate rooms in empty houses where they were raped repeatedly. In certain cases, members of the same family were repeatedly raped, some of them in front of their own children. In other cases women were brutally raped in public. Rapes were on many occasions accompanied by brutalities such as violent biting of the victims causing severe wounding, banging their heads on the floor and wringing their throats almost to the point of suffocation. In some cases, rape was followed by the stabbing or killing of the victims. Victims included pregnant and mentally retarded women.'

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