Honey was always, evening ancient Greece, a precious natural and therapeutic food. It is also well-known that in mythology it was the food of the gods. Many nations have a history of honey spanning thousands of years, as do the Greeks. Greek honey is distinguished as it comes from wild flowers, aromatic plants and cone-bearing trees and so is more complete because of the great variety of pollen that it contains, in comparison with most honeys from other countries which come from single crops.

It is beneficial to people of all ages, especially to children, to pregnant women, athletes and generally to all who need invigorating, due to physical or mental exhaustion.

There are various types of honey, which are divided into three categories:

a) Honey from thyme – known throughout the world for its particular and unique aroma
b) Honey from con-bearing trees (fir, pine etc) which belongs to the rare tastes. It is worth noting that this variety has great healing value, as it contains many minerals and vitamins
c) Honey from flowers, which comes mainly from wild flowers, aromatic plants and medicinal plants. This variety crystallizes easily

There are many therapeutic properties in honey and we will mention only a few here. For example three or four teaspoons of honey daily help in the following instances:

 Exhaustion
 Post operative situations as it helps I convalescence
 Flu and colds
 The clear working of the brain so it is good for children with difficulties in learning
 Pregnancy
 For insomnia – one teaspoon of honey diluted in a little warm water just before bed
 One small spoon of honey daily helps infants that are underweight

It also helps infants that are teething as well as being a very mild laxative. Honey can be given to infants in their bottles.

Those suffering from cardiac problems can drink a glass of hot water with honey every night before bed, because honey revitalizes the heartbeat and generally assists the heart in its work. As it contains glucose, honey helps the liver to work properly. It also helps to regulate the acidity and secretion of gastric juices and helps prevent ulcers. It is also excellent in the treatment of constipation. It helps in the faster burning of food and improves the body’s digestion.

Medical research has shown that spreading of honey on burns is especially effective. This research has also shown that one of the reasons for longevity is the frequent use of honey.

In other words honey is beneficial, it helps in all ways, especially dark-coloured honey which is rich in minerals and vitamins.

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